You can always download updated Zero One theme files from (you must login).

If you are having some doubts how to update, please make sure you read our how to update guide


  • your theme content folder. That's where your site content is.


  • your assets/app/custom/elements/variables.less file. That's your theme styling. But if you are using only Theme Styling inside the panel, you can overwrite it without issues.

  • your site/config/ folder files. If you made some changes to it.

  • your site/languages/folder files.

2.4.3 -- 15.10.2020

Update preview:

Changed files and folders:

  • composer.json file versions update

  • kirby folder update

  • UIkit update (assets/app/ folder) - update as instructed here in the docs

  • site/theme/snippets/breadcrumb.php file

Also, we added new section in the documentation, on how to add Cookie notice/banner to your website Of course, if your website leaves cookies in the browser. The Zero One theme by default doesn't.

2.4.2 -- 21.08.2020

This is a smaller update. Some fixes, updates, and new translate options. In short, that's this update about. After this update, you can translate all contact form labels in the site Labels tab. Big thanks to Damian Gerbaulet who did a lot of work in this update.

Updated files and folders:

  • composer.json Theme and plugins version numbers changed.

  • kirby folder. Updated Kirby to 3.4.2 version.

  • site/plugins/commentions folder. Updated Commentions plugin to 1.0.2 version.

  • site/theme/snippets/commentions-form.php file. Updated translate options from new version.

  • site/theme/snippets/editor/gallery.php file. Fixed Editor Gallery block issue with some languages. Many thanks to Albert Pi who found and solved this issue. πŸ‘

  • site/theme/blueprints/tabs/labels.yml file. Added missing form translate options.

  • site/theme/controllers/contact.php file. Added missing form translate options.

  • site/theme/snippets/contact/form.php file. Added missing form translate options.

  • Updated UIkit to 3.5.6 version. See how to update.

2.4.1 -- 08.08.2020

Updated plugins Kirby Editor and Kirby Robots. If you have Zero One 2.4.0 version you are advised to update.

Updated folders:

  • site/plugins/editor/

  • site/plugins/kirby3-robots-txt/

2.4.0 -- 25.07.2020

"Ask and you will be given" is the motto of this update. 😊 Everything we bring in this update is something some of you requested, and here it is.

We know this update is again a bit bigger, but it serves its purpose, and brings a lot to many. We promise that future updates will be easier to handle.

Three main things this update brings:

Let's get this update through in sections.

Composer support

  • copy composer.json and composer.lock from zero-one root to your install and overwrite existing

  • delete from site/plugins/ folder:

    • builder folder

    • image-clip folder

    • robots-txt folder

  • And copy these three folders to site/plugins/ from new Zero One site/plugins/ folder:

    • kirby-builder folder

    • k3-image-clip folder

    • kirby3-robots-txt folder

Now some plugins and Kirby itself can be easily updated through Composer. Also, by updating composer.json with every theme update you can always know what is your current version of Zero One theme.

Learn more​

New theme folder structure

  • copy index.php from new Zero One theme files to your website install root and overwrite existing

  • create new folder named theme in your site folder

  • move the following folders into that folder

    • site/blueprints folder

    • site/collections folder

    • site/controllers folder

    • site/snippets folder

    • site/templates folder

    • if you made some custom models, move also site/models folder

    • ! copy site/theme/snippets/less.php from new Zero One theme files and overwrite yours. It is the only file that uses absolute URL.

Structure you have now is site/theme/blueprints/ and so on.

What we achieve with this is cleaner folder structure, with all theme files in one folder, separated from accounts, language, cache, config etc. the files and folders that are specific for every installation.

Learn more at​

Commentions plugin integration

Added files and folders:

  • site/plugins/commensions/ folder. Kirby 3 Commensions plugin.

  • site/plugins/kirby-sanitizer/ folder. Kirby sanitizer plugin. Needed for Commensions plugin.

  • site/theme/snippets/commentions-feedback.php file

  • site/theme/snippets/commentions-form.php file

  • site/theme/snippets/commentions-help.php file

  • site/theme/snippets/commentions-list.php file

Changed files:

  • site/config/config.php file. Commensions plugin config options added.

  • site/theme/blueprints/pages/blog.yml file. Commensions plugin blog options added.

  • site/theme/blueprints/pages/article.yml file. Commensions plugin article options added.

  • site/theme/templates/article.php file. Commensions plugin article code added.

  • site/theme/snippets/header.php file. Webmention endpoint added.

  • assets/app/custom/elements/comment.less file. Comments styling improved.

Learn more​


Updated UIkit to 3.5.5 version. Copy and overwrite everything in assets/app folder EXCEPT custom and dist folders.

Learn more at

2.3.1 -- 09.07.2020

Small fix and plugin update.

  • site/plugins/editor/ folder. Updated Kirby Editor plugin to 1.0.4 version.

  • site/snippets/header.php Font URL fix.

2.3.0 -- 08.07.2020

We are running late with new demo, we gave priority again to theme updates. This version brings:

  1. Page Builder blocks now have an option for adding custom CSS classes πŸš€

  2. Article cover image now have 3 width size options.

  3. If you don't use articles categories they will be hidden from layout.

  4. Article share icons can now be hidden when needed.

  5. Improved Theme Styler organization.

  6. UIkit updated to 3.5.4 version

  7. Kirby updated to 3.4.0 version. See what's new​

  8. Page Builder plugin updated to 2.0.15 version.

  9. Image Clip plugin updated to 2.1.1 version

  10. Editor plugin updated to 1.0.3 version.

Uh, here comes the list of changed files:

  • Changed files

    • .gitignore Ignoring .lock files for Git setup.

    • Kirby updated - kirby folder.

    • UIkit updated, overwrite everything in assets/app/ folder except custom and dist folders.

    • site/templates/article.php Added option for cover image width, hide categories, and hide social share icons.

    • site/blueprints/pages/blog.yml Added option for cover image width, and option to hide social share icons.

    • site/blueprints/tabs/styling.yml Custom code options always visible.

    • site/snippets/page/heading.php When empty categories hide.

    • site/blueprints/fieldsets/cpt.yml Added custom class option.

    • site/blueprints/fieldsets/editor.yml Added custom class option.

    • site/blueprints/fieldsets/gallery.yml Added custom class option.

    • site/blueprints/fieldsets/grid.yml Added custom class option.

    • site/blueprints/fieldsets/hero.yml Added custom class option.

    • site/blueprints/fieldsets/slider.yml Added custom class option.

    • site/blueprints/fieldsets/slideshow.yml Added custom class option.

    • site/blueprints/fieldsets/text-image.yml Added custom class option.

    • site/snippets/blocks/cpt.php Added custom class option.

    • site/snippets/blocks/editor.php Added custom class option.

    • site/snippets/blocks/gallery.php Added custom class option.

    • site/snippets/blocks/grid.php Added custom class option.

    • site/snippets/blocks/hero.php Added custom class option.

    • site/snippets/blocks/slider.php Added custom class option.

    • site/snippets/blocks/slideshow.php Added custom class option.

    • site/snippets/blocks/text-image.php Added custom class option.

    • site/plugins/builder/

    • site/plugins/editor/

    • site/plugins/image-clip/

2.2.0 -- 01.07.2020

This update brings improvements to articles and makes grid block more powerful! πŸ’ͺ

  1. Added article embed comments option (Disqus, Commento...). You can see demo frontend on any demo article Code is added in Blog options, in Article Settings Tab. See

  2. Added Grid Block HTML option. Yeeeey! 😎 Every grid item now have a switch and content can be KirbyText markdown or just plain HTML. Now you can use custom code where ever with grid block. See frontend demo (third block from bottom) You can use it for a number of things, for example for your custom code, Mailchimp embed form, Survio or Reservio embed code, or some widget like this

  3. Added missing options for blog archives title label translation.

  4. Optimized Page Builder Gallery Block thumbnails. Now front-end performance is not an issue even if you have few hundred images.

  5. Improved Twitter meta.

As always, we list the changes in files:

  • Added files

    • site/plugins/editor-gallery-block/ Editor Gallery plugin.

    • site/snippets/editor/gallery.php Editor Gallery plugin custom snippet.

  • Changed files

    • site/templates/article.php Embed comments option added.

    • site/blueprints/pages/blog.yml Embed comments option added.

    • site/snippets/header/head/twitter.phpIf empty don't show.

    • site/snippets/blog/filtered.phpAdded translation for archives title.

    • site/blueprint/tabs/labels.ymlAdded translation for archives title.

    • site/snippets/blocks/gallery.php Optimized Page Builder Gallery Block thumbnails.

    • site/snippets/blocks/grid.php Added Grid Block HTML option.

    • site/blueprints/fieldsets/grid.yml Added Grid Block HTML option.

2.1.0 -- 11.06.2020

Improvements, updates and new demo! πŸš€

  1. New pre-made demo website​

  2. New option for Gallery block -- Masonry no thumbnail crop. See it in the last example​

  3. New Custom code options added to Theme styler - Head, body-start and footer. Now you can add analytics or some custom JS code through the panel.

  4. Added support for language detect in Multilingual websites. Learn more​

  5. Navbar button fix on small devices.

  6. Updated UIkit to 3.5.3 version.

If you haven't changed theme files, and you are using Theme styler, you can copy and overwrite whole assets (../assets/) and site (../site/) folder. But skip languages (../site/languages/) folder if you changed default language.

If you are using Yarn compile for styling, skip assets/app/custom/elements/variables.less file.

If you customized theme files, here is what changed:

  • site/snippets/header/navbar.php Button small devices fix.

  • site/snippets/blocks/gallery.php Masonry no thumbnail crop option added.

  • site/snippets/header.php Custom code snippets added.

  • site/snippets/footer.php Custom code snippets added.

  • site/config/config.php Added support for languages detect.

  • site/blueprints/tabs/styling.yml Custom code options added.

  • site/blueprints/fieldsets/gallery.yml Masonry no thumbnail crop option added.

  • site/blueprints/site.yml Logo height extended to 100px.

  • assets/app/custom/elements/base.less Small fix in link display for some fonts.

2.0.0 -- 29.05.2020

Yeey! Zero One inbuilt Theme Styler has arrived! πŸ±β€πŸ

We know there has been a recent update but few folks really wanted this update to go through as soon as possible. So here it is. You can update as normal as stated here But if you made some changes to theme code, than next list is for you.

So what's changed:

  • Added files

    • site/plugins/lessphp Less/CSS compiler.

    • site/plugins/kirby-colors Kirby color select plugin.

    • site/snippets/less.php Connection to Less/CSS compiler plugin.

    • site/blueprints/tabs/styling.yml Site panel options.

  • Changed files

    • site/snippets/header.php Two snippets includes added.

    • site/blueprints/site.yml Added include at the bottom for styling.yml tab.

    • site/snippets/blocks/text-image.php Added option for XLarge padding.

    • site/blueprints/fieldsets/text-image.yml Added option for XLarge padding.

    • assets/app/custom/app.less Added new class .tm-padding-vertical-xlarge.

    • assets/app/custom/elements/variables.less Removed font URL variable.

    • assets/app/custom/elements/_import.less Removed font URL variable.

    • assets/app/custom/elements/inverse.less Added options useful for dark website building.

1.1.0 -- 26.05.2020.

This update is a bit bigger, but it will make happy many of you. πŸ™‚

  1. Theme panel is translated to German language

  2. Config files optimized

  3. Added translate label option for blog archives

  4. Some template files had small code fixes and optimizations

  5. Code in several .less files got optimized

  6. And there is new pre-made demo website ready for download. We made a plan to publish new premade website every 10 days from now, so more is yet to come.

Theme files that are changed:

  • The whole site/blueprints/ folder.

  • The site/config/ folder files. What has happen here? We optimized config files by transfering all in-common options that was in the config.localhost.php and into one config.php, and left only specific debug option in those two, true for localhost, false for production. Open those files yourself and check them, everything will be clear to you. We added some comments inside.

  • Template files

    • site/templates/project.php Larger header when image background.

    • site/templates/blog.php Small security improvement.

    • site/templates/article.php Small security improvement.

    • site/snippets/project/prevnext.php Fixed small issue on mobile.

    • site/snippets/blog/sidebar.php Small security improvement.

    • site/snippets/blog/filtered.php Translate label for descripiton.

    • site/snippets/blocks/text-image.php Added option for Large Headings.

  • Less files

    • assets/app/custom/app.less A lot better optimization of .tm-heading class, and added a new class .tm-hover-move-up.

    • assets/app/custom/elements/heading.php Improved heading sizes.

    • assets/app/custom/elements/inverse.php Inverse text fade made smaller.


1.0.4 -- 16.05.2020.

Small update to Less files. To support import of Google fonts API 2, but also any other third party fonts.

Changed files:

# from this
.font() when not (@internal-fonts = ~'') {
@import '{internal-fonts}';
# into this
.font() when not (@internal-fonts = ~'') {
@import (css) url('@{internal-fonts}');


# from this
@internal-fonts: 'Karla:400,400i,700|Maven+Pro:700&display=swap&subset=latin-ext';
#into this
@internal-fonts: ',wght@0,400;0,700;1,400&family=Maven+Pro:wght@700&display=swap';

Now you can import full URL. It is not limited just for Google fonts.

We also written a small tutorial for clean setup when adding selfhosted fonts

1.0.3 -- 13.05.2020.

1.0.2 -- 06.05.2020.

There was an issue with multilanguage setup, that was caused by Sitemapper plugin from Kirbyzone.

This version of Zero One has issue fixed. Although bug was hard to find it is easy fix.

In zero-one/site/plugins/sitemapper/index.php at line 23

// change this
'title' => site()->title()->html() . ' Sitemap',
// into this
'title' => 'Sitemap',

1.0.1 -- 04.05.2020.

Small visual fixes, that doesn't influence performance.

Change in pages fields

site/blueprints/site.yml, blueprints/pages/builder.yml, contact.yml, default.yml
# From
query: page.images.first
cover: true
# To
query: false
back: black

Also removed subpages option from home template

type: pages
headline: Subpages

1.0.0 -- 28.04.2020.

  • Kirby 3.3.6

  • UIkit 3.4.2