From version 2.4.0 Zero One theme have integrated fantastic Kirby Commentions plugin.

Comments options

Comments are controlled at your blog page in Comments Tab. You can choose from three options: Kirby Commentions, Embed third party comments, and you can choose None if you don't want comments on your website.

Embed third party comments

This option is pretty straightforward, just add embed comments code your get from Disqus or your preferred provider, and add them to the code area. In Site Settings Labels Tab you can customize comments header text.

Kirby Commentions

We must note that we consider this integration as Beta, which means: although we thoroughly tested it, and didn't find any issues, we are still working on improvements and tests.
When you enable Kirby Commentions, comments from all articles will be listed in the blog Comments Tab. Both Pending and Approved.
Every new comment will have to be approved by Admin to be visible on the frontend. You can change that setup if you want

Article panel

Also, in every article, you can see comments specific to that article. Below the article

Customizing options

Kirby 3 Commentions is a fantastic plugin and really complete solution with a large number of options. By default, we selected options that most users will find just right, but if you want something different in setup most of the things can be done by changing options in site/config/config.php. You can check all available options at

Translating Commentions

Commentions by default support English and German language. For translating to more languages check out this section


You can extend it farther by adding some inbuilt hooks (like email notifications), you can check them out at

Enabling the Webmentions

For enabling the Webmentions proceed to the next section.