Folder structure

From version 4.0.0 Zero One has become a plugin!

All theme files except assets folder are in the site/plugins/zero-one/ folder.

But we are still making the download as a full install because there are some plugins and config settings that are required for Zero One to work properly. And for your smooth experience and demo examples, it is best we pack that all together.

Learn how to benefit from that.

Different folder structure

From version 2.4.0 Zero One theme has a bit different folder structure than the standard Kirby installation.

The following site folders:

  • blueprints

  • collections

  • controllers

  • models

  • snippets

  • templates

Are in site/theme/ folder. With this, we wanted to achieve a cleaner structure.

Kirby supports this approach, and we use inbuilt Kirby functions to achieve this change. Everything is controlled from the root index.php file.

You like the default Kirby structure better?

Don't worry, if this structure is not something you like, and you like default Kirby structure better, than just:

  • instead of Zero One index.php add index.php from Kirby standard install

  • all folders from site/theme/ folder, just leave as they are by default in site folder.

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