Your downloaded Zero One theme files contain everything, so you don't need to download anything from other sources.
We suggest you leave a copy of the original files as a backup if you accidentally delete something.
Extract all files from the .zip file (be patient, it takes some time).
What is in download files:
  • Zero One theme main demo -- zero-one folder
  • Zero One premade demos -- example zero-one-consulting folder, etc.
  • License
  • Documentation link file.
Every folder with theme files is a website itself. Just copy the contents of desired demo folder to the local environment folder, or upload it to the server folder.
But first, please read all sections from installation docs.

Install Requirements

Learn in detail on Kirby website --

Web server (any of the following)

  • Apache 2
  • Nginx
  • LiteSpeed
  • Caddy
Server Features:
  • URL rewriting


  • PHP 7.3, 7.4 or 8.0 (PHP 7.4 is recommended)
  • mbstring extension
  • curl extension
  • ctype extension
  • gd extension
All of that is almost the default setup at the majority of hosting providers.
Make sure URL rewriting (mod_rewrite on Apache) is turned on.
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