Column Options block

Give the power to column!

This block gives so much power 🚀

You will find it extremely useful for the creation of complex layouts.

Let's see what this block can do. Add this block to some column and double-click it.

Column Size Options

With this block, you can change the specific column size, width, and height if needed.

Column Text Options

You can influence the text alignment, size, and other on the column level.

Column Style Options

You can change the column style to Card, Tile, or create a custom background just for that column

Column Utility Options

You can also use some useful utilities, change column padding, and column order on the specific device, change the border, and add shadow.

Column Advanced Options

There are also some useful Advanced options. You can add a custom class and ID to the column, change visibility per device size, or add animation to the column.

Note that every column can have only one Column Options block. If you add more than one, only options from the first one will be counted, and the other will be ignored.

Ok, let's head to the next page and another block.

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