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Work (Portfolio)

You can change the name and URL of the Work page without any issue whatsoever.

Work/Projects page options

You can change the number of projects per page, choose from several display styles, change page width or select the masonry option.
Work page settings
You can also fine-grain custom cover image size. You can do that in the Site Settings tab. Note that that options will influence the crop options in individual projects. Selecting a fixed ratio can help you have neat image sizes.
Projects cover image settings

Project cover crop

To crop the project cover click on the little crop icon in the left top corner of the Cover thumbnail.
Thanks to Kirby 3 Image Clip plugin from Matthias Müller you are able to do that.

Trick to have different cover image sizes

Create a custom size (example: width:600px and height:800px), and then go to every even number projects, and crop their cover image to that size. Then go back to the Work page options and select other sizes (example: width:800px and height:600px), and go to odd number projects and crop their cover images with that size. Select the masonry option in the Work page options.
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