We always take great care in making theme updates, to minimize the chance for something in your content to go wrong. But please always read the instructions for individual updates in the changelog.

Kirby CMS is a flat-file system so every update is done by simple copy-paste, or FTP file overwrite.

KIRBY BEGINNERS NOTICE: Never update content folder. It is the folder where your website content is stored. If you are unsure of what you are doing, then create a backup of your website first.

Also when updating/overwriting take care and skip overwriting these (if not said otherwise):

  • config files (..site/config/ folder), because you certainly made some changes to those files

  • language files (..site/languages/ folder)

Zero One theme update

Zero One is a plugin so you will usually just have to update site/plugins/zero-one/ folder.

If we change something in the assets folder, add some new config option, or integrate a new plugin you will be notified about that in the changelog.

Kirby update

When Kirby updates happen you can update it yourself, just update the content in zero-one/kirby/ folder.

If there are some big changes in Kirby we suggest you wait until we first update and test, and if needed make some fixes. You will find detailed update instructions at https://www.one.thezero.club/changelog if that happens.

These are the files that need updating in 95% of updates:

  • assets folder

  • kirby folder

  • site/plugins folder

  • composer.json file

When you update assets folder make sure to go to the Site Styling tab after that, turn on Style Compiler, and refresh some frontend page to recreate the CSS stylesheet. Of course, turn off Style Compiler after that.

Reverse update

You can also do the so-called "reverse update": download new Zero One version files, delete the content folder, and add content folder from your active website instead.

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