We always take great care in making theme updates, to minimize the chance for something in your content to go wrong. But please always read the instructions for individual updates in the changelog.

Kirby CMS is flat file system so every update is done by simple copy-paste, or FTP file overwrite.

KIRBY BEGINNERS NOTICE: Never update content folder. It is the folder where your website content is stored.

Zero One theme update

Zero One theme files are in just these two folders:

  • assets (../assets/)

  • site (../site/) from version 2.4.0 site (../site/theme/)

When updating/overwriting theme take care and skip overwriting these (if not said otherwise):

  • config files (..site/config/ folder), because you certainly made some changes to those files

  • theme variables.less file (..assets/app/custom/elements/ folder) if you made some changes to it.

  • language files (..site/languages/ folder)

If you are making some changes to theme files, or some .less files, make sure to create your internal documentation about that, so you don't overwrite your changed template files with new update. We will always name all the files that have changes to make it easy for you.

Kirby update

When Kirby updates happen you can update it yourself, just update the content in zero-one/kirby/ folder.

If there are some big changes in Kirby we suggest you wait that we first update and test, and if needed make some fixes. You will find detailed update instructions at https://www.one.thezero.club/changelog if that happends.

UIkit update

From time to time we will update UIkit scripts, the developers are active and always work on new improvements. When we do, it will be displayed in changelog with update instructions.

How to update?

When updating UIkit, if not said otherwise in changelog instructions, overwrite everything in assets/app folder except custom and dist folders. Afterwards you should run compiler to compile scripts.

If you are using only Theme Styler for style compile, than you should also update assets/app/dist/js/ folder. Because Theme Styler only compiles LESS files.