Although we tested everything a hundred times and created Zero One to be as straightforward as possible, we know that issues are possible, if you accidentally delete something or something similar.

Make sure your server meets the Kirby requirements Especially check if URL rewriting is turned on.

If you get in some trouble with theme setup, don't hesitate to contact us at

We mostly answer in a few hours, a maximum of 12-24 hours from receiving your email. But, if there are more than 48 hours and you didn't get an email from us, something went wrong. We didn't get your email, or you didn't get ours. Then please get in touch with us through our social networks, in the Zero One demo footer you have links to them.

What does free theme support cover?

Free theme support covers bug fixes and helps with theme settings. We can also help you with some minor modifications and guide you in the right direction on how to do it yourself. If you’d like to add new features or change how the theme works, that would fall outside the scope of regular theme support.

Resources you can turn to for larger and more complex modifications:

Check out also Kirby Plugins, there are many fantastic plugins that can save you development time. But, keep in mind, that those are mostly free plugins, consider donating the author if his/her plugin helps you.

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