Multilanguage website

With Zero One is very easy to create a multi-language website.

Adding secondary languages

After the default language, you can start adding secondary languages in the system Languages settings.

When you add secondary language and go back to the content area in the panel you will see an additional option to change content language.

And when you switch the content language to a secondary language you can start translating your website content to that language.

How does translating work?

It is recommended that you first create content in the default language, and after that start translating to other languages because you will have less work to do later.

When you create content in the default language and just add a secondary language and don't translate anything, when you go to the secondary language you will see a copy of the default language content in secondary language pages and options.

Right after you create the slightest change in the secondary language page and save, a new separate file is created, and now your content for that specific page is separated from that page's default language.

You can also translate the URLs, page titles, images ALT text, and various other things.

Keep in mind that various Site options are also translatable, and that is possible to have even different headers, footers, and other things different per language.

If you are using multi-domain (separate domain for language), language detect can't work, so please turn it off. You can remove whole language detect code from config file.

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