Terms & Guidelines
By purchasing Zero One theme you agree with the following terms.
Below are our Terms of Service, which outline a lot of legal goodies, but the bottom line is it’s our aim to always take care of you, as a customer. We’ve included many of these terms to legally protect ourselves, but if you have an issue, always feel free to email us at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to resolve it in a fair and timely fashion.

License summary

Here’s an overview of what one Zero One theme license allows:
Number of end products
Use for personal or a client
Modify or manipulate the Item
Re-distribute the Item’s source files
Sell it as a theme/product on any marketplaces as your own

Licensing agreement

Here's what The Zero License allows for:
  • The Zero License grants the user an ongoing, non-exclusive, worldwide license to utilize the digital work (“Item”).
  • You are licensed to use the Item to create Three End Products for yourself or for your clients.

You can:

  • Create Three End Products for clients or personal projects.
  • You may modify or manipulate the Item. You may combine the Item with other works and make a derivative work from it. The resulting works are subject to the terms of this license.
  • This is a 'multi-use' license, which means you may use an Item three times, in three projects.

You cannot:

  • Re-distribute the Item as a stock image or it’s source files, regardless of any modifications, under any circumstances. In other words, you cannot replicate or make modifications to the item and sell it as a theme/product on any marketplaces as your own.

Other license terms:

  • Some components of the Item can be sourced from elsewhere and different license terms may apply to the component, such as someone else’s license or an open-source or creative commons license. If so, the component will be identified in the Item’s description page or in the Item’s downloaded files. The other license will apply to that component instead of this license. This license will apply to the rest of the Item. You can see all of these components in Credits page.

Security & Payments

All payments are processed securely through Gumroad (PayPal or Stripe). We do not directly process payments through our website.

Returns and Refunds Policy

We do not issue refunds for digital products. We recommend contacting us for assistance if you experience any issues receiving or downloading our products.

Support Policy

We oblige to provide Zero One theme support. Learn more about what our support covers.


You indemnify us against all losses, costs (including legal costs), expenses, demands, or liability that we incur arising out of, or in connection with, any claims against us relating to your use of Zero One theme.

Requesting, Modifying, or Deleting Your Data (GDPR)

We are a small operation, but we work hard to make sure your data remains safe and we only collect what is needed to provide our services. If you want to request an export of your data, a modification to any data we have related to your account, or delete of all data permanently, please send an email to [email protected] and we’ll complete your request in a timely manner.

Changes to terms

If we change our terms of use we will post those changes on this page.