SEO options

It is recommended that you fill up site SEO meta options because they will serve as a backup for your pages.

Site options

First, check out and set up Site SEO options.

Page options

Every page has its own set of SEO options


Zero One has integrated Sitemapper plugin, and you can see the sitemap at localhost/zero-one/sitemap.xml. Every page has its own option under the SEO tab for including in or dropping out that page from sitemap.


Also, Kirby 3 Robots.txt plugin is integrated, as you can see at localhost/zero-one/robots.txt.

The farther behavior of both of these plugins you control in the Kirby config.php file.

Meta information

We took great care to include all possible meta information on every page, and most of them are automatically generated. You can check it out by looking at the source code of every page.

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