Translating panel

Yes, you can translate Zero One panel!

From Zero One version 5, the panel can be translated to any language Kirby have.

Note that you can use only panel languages that Kirby supports.

At the moment Zero One have English, German and French language.

How to translate panel?

Go to site/plugins/zero-one/languages/ folder and you will see Zero One language files.

Improving Zero One translations

You can just edit the content of those files, it is easy to understand.

Adding a new language

  1. You should duplicate one of those files and rename it to your language code. After that you can change language strings in that file.

  2. When you finish you must do this: At the end of the file you will see this code , make sure to change the last (de, en, fr - depending on the file you duplicated) to your language code.

  3. And at the end you must go to site/plugins/zero-one/index.php and at the end of that file you must add your language to the list of languages. in the same way other languages are added.

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