Config options

A reminder that Kirby config options docs can be found at, but here we will explain what is in Zero One theme config.

Multi-environment setup

From Zero One version 1.1.0 in zero-one/site/config/ folder there are three files:

  • config.php

  • config.localhost.php

  • and This one you should rename to your domain name.

The config.localhost.php and should have only those options that are different on localhost and on live server. In Zero One default setup only difference is a debug option, which is at localhost set to true, and on live server set to false.

If you are not using a multi-environment setup you can add all config options into site/config.php and delete the other configs.

One of the options you will need to add on the live server if you want to edit content from the panel is panel install, see more at

# Example setup


Learn more


Debug is set to true in localhost and of course to false on the server.

Custom panel CSS

There is an import for the custom panel CSS file. Zero One use it to customize Editor user role permissions. That file is assets/css/panel.css and you can customize it further.


Smartypants are on by default in Zero One. Learn more about it at


From Zero One version 5.0.2 Kirby Autoresize plugin is removed, and its config options. Now you can change image upload optimisation settings in these files:

  • site\plugins\zero-one\blueprints\files\image.yml

  • site\plugins\zero-one\blueprints\files\default.yml


There is a srcset image size setup, and it is used only for images inserted into Editor in articles.


There is also some settings code for Kirby 3 Robots.txt plugin from Bruno Meilick. You can add your custom rules, so check the plugin documentation.


The Zero One theme has a sitemap integrated using Kirby plugin. It is added in the Kirby 3 Robots.txt plugin config data.

Language detect support

Learn more about it

If you are using multi-domain (separate domain for language), language detect can't work, so please turn it off. You can remove whole language detect code from config file.

Commentions plugin options

From Zero One version 5 the Commention plugin is removed because its author discontinued its development.


There is also a little site.update:after hook which is needed to write CSS code from Site Styling Custom CSS input to assets/css/site.css.


We also disallowed version info for some plugins that shouldn't have that information.

And that's it, the rest is up to you. 🙂

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