Page types

Short preview of Zero One theme page types (templates).


Homepage has Page Builder and no header options. So there is just header and footer, and you create content in-between with Zero One Page Builder.


Blog lists its subpages/articles in date hierarchy. It has header options, and many clasic blog related options like categories, tags, sidebar etc.


Articles are Blog template subpages. Content is ruled by Kirby Editor and there are fine grain options.


Work template is listing its subpages/projects. It has header options, and many clasic portfolio related options. There are two types of layout to choose from.


Project templates have header options, specific project info boxes, and Page Builder.

Page Builder

Page Builder template page have header options and inbuilt Page Builder.

Default page

Default page template have header options, optional sidebar, and Kirby Editor for main content.


Contact page have header options, optional contact form, and several content options.

Link template is just that - link. It has only that one option to add link. It can be very useful when you want to list some external page to menu, or anywhere else.

Search template name says everything.


There is also a cusom error page.