Local environment

Run demo on localhost

  1. Start a server with MAMP, XAMPP, WAMPP, or php -S localhost:8000 kirby/router.php on the terminal, or something else you prefer.

  2. Copy contents from zero-one folder (or other Zero One demo folder) to your web root, or subfolder

  3. Depending on your system visit localhost:8000/yourfoldername/panel or localhost/yourfoldername/panel with your browser

  4. Register -- make the account

  5. Explore demo and settings

Keep in mind that all thumbnails will have to be generated so it will be a bit slower in the beginning.

If your server doesn't have URL rewrite turned on, some things will not work, like stylesheet and scripts caching. But it is still possible to continue.

Go to Site Settings tab and turn off Cachebusting.

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