Layout Builder

Super powerful & flexible

Layout Builder is a magical layout system with inner blocks powering infinite creative possibilities. Based on the new Kirby Layout field, but extended with powerful options and our own Column block, and with 30+ content blocks, it is the website building tool with really infinite possibilities. Easy for beginners, but super-useful for experienced website designers/developers who will have a great ride exploring all that is possible with this builder.

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Layout Sections

First thing first! You can choose among many premade layout sections, with various number and positions of columns (let us know if you see we are missing some)

Layout Sections options

When you create Layout Section the fun begins! Every Layout Section has many options, and you can open them by clicking the Settings icon in the top right corner of the Layout Section

Layout Section Grid Options

First thing you will see when you option Layout Section settings are Grid Options. These options allow you to fine-grain grid and column behavior.

Layout Section Options

When you click on the Section tab in the Layout Section Settings you will see Section options. These options rule the background of the grid and columns. You will find out that there are many possibilities: you can change section size, remove padding when needed, customize the background in almost any way you like, and add a cool SVG divider to the top/bottom of the section.

Layout Section Advanced Options

There are also Advanced options where you can add a custom class or ID to a section, change visibility per device size, and add animation to a section.

Now, when you know the basis of Layout Sections you are ready to add blocks to columns. Check out the next guide pages.

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