If you don't know what Webmention is, you can learn more at
Kirby Commentions plugin has support for Webmentions and we integrated it fully into the Zero One theme. But we must warn you that we give partial support for it. Cronjob on your server you must set up yourself.

Enabling Webmentions

Enable in panel

First go to your blog -> Comments Tab -> and turn on Webmentions. Switching it on will add Webmentions endpoints to head section in articles.

Enable in config

Open your site/config/config.php file and
'sgkirby.commentions.templatesWithWebmentions' => [''],
'sgkirby.commentions.templatesWithWebmentions' => ['article'],

Set up the secret key

Again in your site/config/config.php file find this line
'sgkirby.commentions.secret' => '<YOUR-SECRET>',
And instead <YOUR-SECRET> add your secret key. A valid secret key must be at least 10 characters long and may NOT include any of the following: & % # + nor a space sign .

Set up a cron job

Our support doesn't cover help with your server cronjob setup.
Set up a cronjob to call the URL https://<SITE-URL>/commentions-processqueue?token=<YOUR-SECRET> at regular intervals (when testing this URL in a browser, it responds with either "Success" or a descriptive error message).
Every time this URL is called, the queue of incoming webmentions is processed; valid webmentions are moved to the comment inbox (or directly approved, if set in the default status option), while invalid ones are silently marked as failed or deleted (depending on the failed webmentions option).
And that's it.
Last modified 2yr ago