After testing all available options for Kirby CMS e-commerce integration, we chose Snipcart as the best among them, by far.
The main reasons are:
  • Many payment gataways + custom payment gataway integration if needed
  • Advanced tax support
  • Advanced shipping support with most popular providers automation support
  • Advanced invoicing support
  • Advanced regional and currency settings
  • Multilanguage and multicurrency support
  • Advanced emails support with abandoned carts recovery campaigns
  • Digital products support
  • Subscriptions support, although for now in beta, and only avaliable for Stripe payment gataway
  • It is free to start, no expensive subscription
Also, very important thing is that Snipcart developing team is very active, not just in the development part, but also in the support. In many ways they share similar philosophy as Kirby.

Create Snipcart account

Of course, first thing is to create a Snipcart account
When you are in, check out how to navigate

Configure Snipcart account

Second thing is to configure your account profile.

Test vs Live

When developing your shop you should keep it as a test environment.
Learn more about Testing environment at

Your Snipcart account API

This is the most important thing. To be able to connect your Snipcart account with your Zero One shop you must create your unique API key inside your account.

Snipcart Store configurations

Now, head to Store configurations, where you can setup:
  • Payment gataway
  • Taxes
  • Shipping
  • Domains & URLs
  • Invoices
  • Regional and currency settings
  • Email templates

Snipcart Store management

When sales start pouring in Snipcart dashbord will be your command center.

Zero One Snipcart Shop setup

The main thing is to go to Shop Settings in the shop page, turn on Snipcart, and add your Snipcart API. You can also choose how you like cart to be displayed and wether the tax is include in the price, or it is added to price at the checkout. If you have tax at all.
Shop Snipcart options

Zero One Product Snipcart settings

All that is left is to add a product, and to choose Snipcart in Product Type option.
Snipcart product options
And voila, you are ready to go 🚀